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    ABC dry powder / ABC Dry Chemical Powder / fire fighting foam/ Foam Extinguishing/ ABC dry powder fire extinguisher,

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    ABC powder is a combination of Mono-
    ammonium phosphate and ammonium
    sulphate. The extinguishing mechanism
    being that it interferes with the chemical
    reactions that take place in the combustion
    zone, thus the flame ceases to exist. The
    powder also has a low melting point and on
    application the particles fuse and swell to
    form a barrier which excludes oxygen and
    completes the extinguishing process and
    prevents re-ignition.
    The powder is non conductive and may be
    used in the presence of an electric current.
    ABC powder will extinguish class A
    ( carbonaceous) fires, class B ( flammable
    liquid) fires and class C ( flammable gas)
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