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jual GPS Trimble GeoXM 2008 / for call 021-68800617
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Because the GPS receiver and antenna are built into the handheld computer, it' s never been easier to use GPS in your application. The GeoXM handheld delivers reliable 1 to 3 meters GPS positions when and where you need them. Use the integrated SBAS receiver to get WAAS or EGNOS corrections, or use Bluetooth® to connect to a Trimble GeoBeacon⢠receiver to reliably navigate back to assets, or to record new data to keep your GIS up to the minute.

The GeoXM handheld has a powerful 416 MHz processor running the most advanced operating system availableâ Microsoft Windows Mobile version 5.0 software. Windows Mobile is the industry standard open platform for mobile devices, so you can choose a software solution to match your workflow, whether off-the-shelf or purpose built.

There' s plenty of storage space for all your GIS data, and with a Secure Digital ( SD) memory card slot, you can add gigabytes of memory for all your maps. And if you need to access the Internet or your organization' s secure network to get the most up-to-date data, it' s no problemâ the GeoXM handheld has built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth* , so you can access information on-the-go.

Using the built-in wireless LAN and TrimPix⢠technology, the GeoXM handheld can connect to a range of WiFi-capable Nikon digital cameras for automated capture of digital images. Download the TrimPix technology software and you have an ideal solution for easily collecting high resolution digital photos to link to your GPS positions.

Portable and cable-free, the GeoXM handheld is built for use in rough terrain and bad weather. Wherever your work takes you, take your GIS with you on a GeoXM handheld.

* Bluetooth and wireless LAN type approvals are country specific. GeoExplorer series handhelds have Bluetooth and wireless LAN approval in the U.S. and EU. For other countries please consult your local Reseller.


* 1 to 3 meter GPS accuracy, with integrated SBAS
* Microsoft Windows Mobile version 5.0 software, allowing maximum flexibility in software choice
* 512 MB onboard memory plus removable SD memory
* Bluetooth and wireless LAN connectivity options
* Rugged handheld with all-day battery
* TrimPix technology for wireless camera support


What' s in the Box:

⢠Support module with power supply and USB data cable
⢠Getting Started Guide
⢠Getting Started Disc
⢠Hand strap
⢠Stylus kit
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